Frequently Asked Questions

Order issued to my name, who can get tickets?
Tickets, purchased for cash, can be received and paid by anyone.

Can I change the purchased tickets to other places?
Tickets are not exchangeable.

I lost my tickets. Can I get it again?
The ticket is a form of strict accountability and cannot be reissued. The e-ticket can always be printed again.

For what we are taking the service charge?
Despite the fact that we are trying to sell tickets with no extra charge, still some of the activities during the ordering process may be charged with additional service fee . The service charge includes the services of:

Can I return the tickets?
Please contact our managers by e-mail

Can I buy tickets without a service fee?
The events for which tickets are sold without a service fee can be found in the section No fee tickets.

How can I buy tickets if I'm in another city?
For all events we sell E-tickets.

Can I purchase an e-ticket to the event?
An e-ticket can be bought for all events available for sale.

What is an e-ticket?
For more information on e-ticket, see the E-ticket page.

In the e-ticket my name is indicated, can my friend pass through it?
The ticket specifies the name of the buyer, and any person can use the ticket. The pass is the barcode on the ticket.

What if the e-ticket does not come to the e-mail?
First of all, we advise you to check whether the payment for your ticket has actually passed. If payment, we advise you to check the Spam folder in your email. Unfortunately, sometimes email services regard emails with electronic tickets as malicious. If you have checked everything and found no electronic ticket, we advise you to send e-mail to the We will definitely send you your tickets!